Monday, December 31, 2012

2013, What do you have for me?

I recall what I was doing on the 31st of December, 2011. I actually had an Exam on the first of January and I was studying but I remember that my dreams were mainly focusing on my studies and my social life; I wanted to mainly get high grades in college, find true love, meet new people & have a successful life.

I didn't actually know at that time that 2012 will change my life 180 degrees. Starting from January, I got matched with AIESEC CU to travel to Brazil. When it was the time to travel, I actually missed my flight, at that moment I thought that my dreams wont actually come true but, The next day I was able to get another ticket to travel on the same flight after the one I missed by one day, and the moment I set foot in Brazil, I realized that my life will change.

Brazil was the first stop in my life changing journey that started in 2012. I met a lot of people from many different countries and cultures. I never expected to achieve so many things in life in only 6 weeks in a journey. In my Exchange to Brazil, I had so many things revealed & so many perspectives changed about my  life and the way I see it. I learned that I'm not really living the life I want to have, I realized that I have so many things to give to the community and those who are around but I'm really doing anything. I learned that I can contribute a lot to the community. and this takes me to the next point, AIESEC!

After coming back from Brazil I insisted that I should join AIESEC and be a part of this organization that helped me learn & reveal so many things about myself and the world around me. So, I decided that I will join and change lives through AIESEC as it has changed in me. And another dream came true and I was re-integrated in AIESEC to join the Incoming Global Community Development Program function and start creating the change agents that will help in changing this world to a better place.

I kept applying for positions and make the best out of my experience in AIESEC. I was a cross-function member, Organizing Committee President and member in other case, National Support Team, Project Manager & Finally I will officially be an EB member for 2013 as LC Manager for Global Societal Program which was one of the things I had on my "AIESEC to-do list"

2012 was a life changing event positively and negatively as well, As I lost one of the people I lost the most in my whole life, a person who was always praying for me whenever I need, A person who never thought of me in a bad way. She kept saying I look like my Grand-Father although I never saw him, She made me love him so much although I have never had the luck to him. She was an inspiration to me. Whenever I had a problem or something important to me in life, They ask her to pray for me, and I swear to God whenever she does, I'm always sure that nothing will go wrong and everything will be perfectly fine for me. This person "is" my Grand-Mother, May her Soul rest in Peace and I'm sure that she is currently in Heaven insha'Allah.

So, to come to a close, 2012 I have a message for you: "Although during your time, I lost someone whom my life can never be the same after & I didn't really achieve so many of my main goals, but you helped me learn how to become a better person, how to respect everyone no matter who they are, you taught me that no matter how much learn, I will never know it all, You also made me Overcome my "Fear" and do/say things I never thought I would do"

You are by far the most remarkable Year of my life, and let's see what 2013 has for me.